An interactive dairy sector report on antimicrobial usage


The purpose of this prototype report is to present the distribution of antimicrobial usage rate on Quebec dairy farms and its evolution over time. Our recent studies have demonstrated the excellent adequacy of data obtained from an electronic central data set containing, for most Quebec’s dairy producers, veterinary sales data Lardé et al., 2021a and feed prescriptions Lardé et al., 2021b. For this prototype report, we used data from a small number of dairy herds that agreed to have their data used in this way. In the future, this prototype report will be applied to a larger number, or even all, of Quebec’s dairy herds, or to other types of animal production and could be updated annually. The report was generated using R Shiny. The scripts used are freely available on my Github account. You can access either the English or French version of the report.

Aug 23, 2022 12:00 AM
Simon Dufour (DVM, PhD)
Simon Dufour (DVM, PhD)
Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology

My research interests include veterinary epidemiology, infectious diseases of dairy cows, biosecurity, Bayesian statistics, data visualization, diagnostic tests validation, latent class models.